Our team

Our team

Maranuli Winery is formed by group of people committed to the growth of the Georgian wine industry. Our team is composed by commercial, viticulturists, administrative, productive, oenologists and logistics specialists who are experts in their fields and they are all proud of belonging to Maranuli Winery.

Our management’s competitive advantage is our solid and creative working team composed of people from different idiosyncrasies and professions.

We train our associates in prestigious local and international institutions in order to enrich their professional and human background.

The talent management process based on organizational competences, stimulates the integral development and employability, thus, contributing to create a new positive and professional environment that could be attractive to attract new recruits.

The Harvest Program started in 2012 permits the enrichment of Maranuli Winery talent. Its objective is to give formation and development, through planned tutoring and mentoring schedule, to professionals of the winery industry in order to make their competencies more useful in several organizational areas in a more dynamic way.orgstructure