Organisational Values



A wine is extremely deep-rooted in our national culture, as it symbolises integrity and strength.

We ensure that we maintain our traditions through care for Georgian grape varieties and

Georgian wine history for next generations in the midst of Globalisation.


Georgian grapes


There are around 550 Georgian grape varieties in total out of which only 450 are accessible for

plantation. We perceive the grape varieties as holy objects, due to our cultural attachment to a

wine, as it helped our nation to overcome many hardships.




We want to make the global customers aware of our winemaking traditions to promote wine

tourism in Georgia. Maranuli believes that the customers must learn about our wine traditions

because it is our niche.


Next generation


We employee school and university students and they learn the traditional winemaking

techniques through demonstrations. It enables our nation to maintain the wine traditions which is

key for our national identity in the process of globalisation.




By Excellence we mean that Maranuli delivers excellent product in a wine market and we add

value which goes beyond to what is expected. We attain excellence through customer service,

innovation and knowledge.


Customer service


It is our key component when we have strong relations with suppliers, buyers and distributors.

We are always prompt to our stakeholder’s requests.




Here in Maranuli we foster innovative thinking when it comes to creating an excellent product.




We are constantly learning and observing trends in a wine market. Our core objectives are to

make the world aware of Georgian wine potential, which we achieve through our trained and

knowledgeable employees.




We are committed to performing leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility, spotting how

intertwined environment, good business practice and community are.




Maranuli practices a sustainable agriculture that respects nature and the seven pillars of

sustainable development.


Sustainable Maranuli


Sustainable wine growing Maranuli is an initiative, that aims to provide positive financial, social,

and ecological outcomes. We support the production of high-quality wines by carrying out

environmentally friendly and economically viable practices in the wine production. The initiative is

subject to sustainable development and we are committed to the standards of the seven pillars of

sustainability, which are biodiversity, soil, water and air, energy, chemicals, by-products, people,

and business practices.




Maranuli Wines support waste elimination and pollution prevention for all site operations. We

adhere to reduce, reuse, recycle waste created from our manufacturing. We aim to eliminate

waste by establishing range of recycling and reuse practices.